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Written on 9:55 PM by Penang Tua Pui

Penang Restaurant, Kopitiam Junction, Old Town, Penang FoodSince the birth of Oldtown Kopitiam, there seemed to be more and more similar type of kopitiam mushrooming around Penang and other states.

Or perhaps, the aggressive marketing of Oldtown Kopitiam made us more sensitive towards any new opening of such outlets. One such outlet is Kopitiam Junction, located at the lower ground floor of Sunway Carnival Mall in Seberang Jaya.

The setting of this place is quite similar with all other kopitiam outlets that you could have mistaken it for the Oldtown Kopitiam if you had not read the sign.

Even the food ordering methodology is quite similar.

Penang Restaurant, Kopitiam Junction, Old Town, Penang Food

Our order of Nasi Lemak came first and the plate looked quite large. Each of the nasi lemak ingredients, ikan bilis, cucumber, salad, chicken curry, sambal and rice was put separately with an egg on top of the rice.

Penang Restaurant, Kopitiam Junction, Old Town, Penang Food

Penang Restaurant, Kopitiam Junction, Old Town, Penang Food

For a RM5.90 plate, this was quite worth the price. The rice was quite fragrant while the ikan bilis was crispy. The sambal was a bit spicy only but tasted sweet while the chicken curry was just right. The portion of the chicken curry was also generous as we got 2 pieces and some potatoes.

Penang Restaurant, Kopitiam Junction, Old Town, Penang Food

Penang Restaurant, Kopitiam Junction, Old Town, Penang Food

The toasted breads were slightly different compared to Oldtown kopitiam. The butter and kaya toasted breads comprised of two slices cut into four pieces. Somehow this arrangement made the breads looked so little.

Penang Restaurant, Kopitiam Junction, Old Town, Penang Food

The peanut butter bread toast was generous in its spread and they also sprinkled some sugar onto it. Depending on your preference, you may choose to like it or not.

Penang Restaurant, Kopitiam Junction, Old Town, Penang Food

The eggs on bread toast were something similar to Oldtown. You will need to eat this fast while it was still hot, else the cold taste of half boiled eggs could be a bit geli.

Penang Restaurant, Kopitiam Junction, Old Town, Penang Food

The white coffee was quite thick and strong, emitting the nice coffee fragrance every time when you take a sip. Aahhh… just like the old style.

The drinks here were quite interesting and adventurous. There was a selection of drinks that incorporated lemon, cucumber, honey, nutmeg etc… We chose cool cucumber with lemon iced drinks and it was quite refreshing.

Penang Restaurant, Kopitiam Junction, Old Town, Penang Food

This place is good as an alternative if you ever feel bored going back to Oldtown again. The price was quite reasonable and we found that certain items were comparatively cheaper than oldtown and bigger in size.

Penang Restaurant, Kopitiam Junction, Old Town, Penang Food

This could be an attraction since money got to be well spent these days. Don’t you think so? 

Kopitiam Junction
LG05, Lower Ground Floor, Sunway Carnival Mall,
3068, Jalan Todak, Seberang Jaya
Tel: 04-3985967

Map (click to get the dynamic map)

Penang Restaurant, Kopitiam Junction, Old Town, Penang Food

Penang Restaurant, Kopitiam Junction, Old Town, Penang Food

Penang Restaurant, Kopitiam Junction, Old Town, Penang Food

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  2. ck lam |

    Peanut butter bread with SUGAR? This is one method that I have yet to try...

  3. Penang Tua Pui |,

    Thanks for the info. Huat Koay will be looking at it and analyze its usage to our suitability. Thanks again~!

  4. Penang Tua Pui |

    ck lam,

    Yes, peanut butter with sugar sprinkled on top.. You can see the sugar coated with peanut butter on the bread. Something different but don't care lor.. just makan :P

  5. soo sean |

    Oldtown Kopitiam is originated from Ipoh. Although I always feel that the real kopitiam in oldtown serves better food, but still Oldtown will always be the choice for me to take a break or to meet up with friends.

  6. Little Inbox |

    Sunway Carnival Mall, oh no, I have not been there before. :(

  7. Allie |

    The curry chicken gravvy looks so oily.. Hehe. But anyway, I'm going to try this dish if I visit this kopitiam cos I like nasi lemak. Hehe

  8. Jon |

    old town really make lots of $$ and thats the reason why more and more these types of cafe is setup around here and there...

    5.90 is very cheap indeed... will be there for shopping this weekend.. give them a try because of ur recommendation, dun let me down

  9. Penang Tua Pui |

    Little Inbox,

    Make an excuse to visit lor....
    Perhaps a makan trip to mainland? ;)

  10. Penang Tua Pui |


    Yea, looks a bit oily but take the chicken minus the oil.. We didn't take the curry gravy but took a lot of the sambal instead :D:D

  11. Penang Tua Pui |

    soo sean,

    places like oldtown and kopitiam junction or other similar outlets are great places to hang out and meet up with friends. We do occasionally meet up there as well for discussions... And the coffee is comparatively cheaper than Starbucks or Coffee Bean... sometimes you get nice enviroment too... :P

  12. Sweet Jasmine |

    Hi, Huat first time here. You do have a nice blog. I know where to surf next. Will be adding you to my bloglist.

    With so many kopitiam sprouting around it is a competitive business but good for us customers to have more choice tastewise.

  13. PureGlutton |

    Looking at the pics, this place certainly looks like OldTown and it's giving OldTown a run for their money eh! Any outlets in the Klang Valley?

  14. Penang Tua Pui |

    Sweet Jasmine,

    Nice to see you here. Hope you'll enjoy the content and perhaps can try these places on your own too...

    Yea, we can have more choices and varieties, price and also taste wise. Each of them will try to outdo one another through innovative menu and competitive pricing. Their competition is to our advantage.. GOOD!!!

  15. Penang Tua Pui |


    The last time we dine there, we asked one of the staff. He said this restaurant had another outlet at Ipoh, at Ipoh Parade if not mistaken. Not sure if they have another branch elsewhere...

  16. Penang Tua Pui |


    Given the price and portion, it's worth the money.. normally when we went there, especially during lunch or dinner, the place was quite packed. But you don't have to wait long before you can get place. Hope you'll enjoy it... :)

  17. wmw |

    Prices are quite okay here woh!

  18. Fortesfidelis |

    Havent heard of this place before till you commented in my blog. I think a lot of Penangnites are now into toasts and these sort of food as there are just so many of these kopitiam concept outlets popping up.

  19. Shiok Or Not |

    Cheaper than Old Town then good. =D

  20. Penang Tionghua |

    Island Red Cafe just opened at Krystal Point beside Krystal Suites Entrance and Hyundai Showroom.

    Serving Halal Penang, Malaysian and Western Foods.

    Prices cheaper than OT or NT. Nice ambience, Wifi and Desktops available.

    Try out Red Island Coffee, Green Apple Kasturi Blended, Penang Chicken Lor Bak, Nasi Lemak,Chicken Boxing, Fried Chicken Wing, Hokkien Mee, Chicken Chops, Steaks, etc.


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