Super Tanker Belacan Fried Rice


Written on 10:15 PM by Penang Tua Pui

Penang Food, Thai Food, Super Tanker, belacan rice
Argghh…. Why always like that one? It was almost time to pack our bags and said “Sayonara” when we received the news that Penang Bridge was congested again.

Da*n~! Tam Ciak kept complaining cannot go back early already. !@#$%^

Since Tam Ciak said he could not go home early, he suggested we went for makan-makan somewhere to fill up the stomach while waiting for traffic to ease…

We didn’t have any decision to have makan-makan but somehow we ended up at Super Tanker by just cruising along…. Auto pilot mode? hahaha

Penang Food, Thai Food, Super Tanker, belacan rice

We ordered belacan fried rice from the Thai stall and lucky for us the waiting time was not that long. Perhaps, the crowd had not built up yet during that time?

The aroma of belacan rice that greeted us was quite fragrant but not too strong.

Penang Food, Thai Food, Super Tanker, belacan rice

The ingredients were put separately on top of the rice consisted of scrambled eggs, chicken, anchovies, slices of mango, onions and lime. You may first need to mix them well before start eating.

Penang Food, Thai Food, Super Tanker, belacan rice

Penang Food, Thai Food, Super Tanker, belacan rice

The belacan rice smelled better than it tasted, as we thought the belacan put was not enough. We like our foods to be in stronger flavour. Tam Ciak then added quite a lot of sambal to make it better and yes, it tasted better with sambal, matching to the taste we wanted.

Penang Food, Thai Food, Super Tanker, belacan rice

The portion is suitable for an average adult but for us, we still have room for some side dishes. The belacan rice cost RM3.80 per plate. Besides this, you can also order pattaya rice, pineapple rice or some other varieties.

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Cook in action
Penang Food, Thai Food, Super Tanker, belacan rice

Penang Food, Thai Food, Super Tanker, belacan rice

Penang Food, Thai Food, Super Tanker, belacan rice

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  1. lilian |

    I just had the green curry, too kar and hu pheow thng and rice for two persons last week. Costs us only RM15.20! So cheap. I worried they count wrong and asked twice. The stall next to this stall.

  2. jovyn |

    i jus had it last week. Now i just realise they din give me the ikan bilis that day...n_nlll...overall i love it...

  3. Jon |

    last week i went there for dinner.. mana tau tak buka kedai.....

    do you know when there off a?

  4. ck lam |

    Still one of the tastier hawker style Thai food in town.
    I did a review on this place when I started blogging (my first few post). At that time, the green curry cost RM4 and the roast pork leg with an egg is at RM5.

  5. sharon |

    i jz stay around this place,the and food really nice, not only belacan fried rice,and also green curry, very spicy;and the pork leg rice,yummy...we like it so much!

  6. Penang Tua Pui |


    Good inputs, now we have a next target to go to whenever Tam Ciak got stuck and cannot go home again.


  7. Fortesfidelis |

    The belacan rice here is quite nice. Probably on par with So Young cafe and the one at Weld Quay food court. I was here two weeks ago but they happen to close on Thursday. BTW, I wonder if you would like to exchange links? Drop a line a or

  8. Little Inbox |

    The other belacan fried rice at Teluk Bayan used to be very nice, but now deteriorated in terms of quality and quantity. Have not try this one yet.

  9. Joseph |

    aiyoyo... tuapui is so famous until Lilian is here?.... OMG...

    dun play play..

    will give them a try on this belacan rice

  10. Penang Tua Pui |


    There are a few places with nice belacan rice. Probably, they are quite generous in using the good quality belacan and added some varieties to make it more special...

    Yes, we can exchange links. Huat Koay will keep in touch with you on that :) Nice knowing you~!

  11. Penang Tua Pui |

    Little Inbox,

    We used to have that one too but didn't aware the standard has deteriorated.. Well, perhaps you can try this one for a change? ;)

  12. Penang Tua Pui |


    We're thankful to have Lilian visiting our website and look forward to learning from her to further improve our site. It's an honour to us :):)

    Give it a try and tell us what you think :)

  13. Penang Tua Pui |


    Next time when you eat at this shop again, remember to ask for more ikan bilis... hahaha

  14. Penang Tua Pui |


    Not sure when it's off, we went there on Friday while Fortesfidelis said it was closed on the Thursday the week he went there...

    Any readers know about its off day?

  15. Daniel |

    i dun think they got regular offday.... sometime Thursday also got.... :(

  16. Jackson |

    Gosh... it look so good!

  17. Penang Tua Pui |

    Hmm... guess it depends on luck lioa..
    maybe the owner syiok syiok can close whenever feels like it...

    Next time gotta ask the boss lioa...

  18. Penang Tua Pui |


    It looks so good,
    It tastes even better ;)

  19. Shell (貝殼) |

    The belacan fried rice looks deliciuous^^
    RM3.80 consider very cheap with so many ingredients

  20. Janice |

    i had been to this food court a lot of time, but normally i will dine at the end of the court, seldom walk to the front as my favourite stall is all located at the end of court.

    looks yummy, may walk to the front to look for them next round.

  21. Dido |

    o yes, this belacan fried rice from the person is from Thai and is really good. Every time i go there i will order it.

  22. John |

    Wah i never try this before and looks like a lot give good comments on this stall. I will go to try it on this week.

  23. Market Woo |

    yam yam... The belacan rice is really good compare with other Thai restaurant. I give this stall double thumb up.

  24. Penang Tua Pui |

    Shell (貝殼),

    you're right... Given the many ingredients for the belacan rice, it's definitely worth the money. Very satisfying indeed... :)

    Let's hope they'll continue to maintain the price despite the inflation and recent petrol price hike (or slight drop?)

  25. Penang Tua Pui |


    Now can change place a bit, dine at the other end of the food court and give it a try. Like we said earlier, looks yummy, tastes even better~!

    Try and let us know ;)

  26. Penang Tua Pui |

    Dido, Market Woo,

    Guess both of you must like this stall a lot.. so are we! :P

    Still we like extra sambal on top of what's given hehehe

  27. jason |

    in front of the bukit jambul there nice too :p
    done by one aunty :D
    i miss my penang stay since 2005

  28. Ramirez |

    belacan fried rice? what is belacan?

  29. Penang Tua Pui |


    Belacan is fermented shrimp paste which is used as seasoning/flavouring in Asian dishes. It is in dark chocolate colour normally sold in rectangular blocks. The belacan smell is strong and pungent that some people find it hard to accept it. The belacan not to be eaten directly but is usually included in the cooking..

    You can also do a Google search to find out more and the pictures of Belacan. Belacan fried rice is basically fried rice cooked together with Belacan...

    Perhaps you want to give it a try? :)

  30. Penang Tionghua |

    Supertanker... Belacan rice and also tukah-pui (bacon rice) at the same stall is very good. Next to the stall you have salted fried chicken also good.

    Talking abt fried salted chicken, a new outlet just opened last Friday - Island Red Cafe - selling Fried Chicken Wings and Chicken Boxing is excellent for my needs.

    Island Red Cafe is located beside Krystal Suites frontage - Krystal Point Bayan Baru, Penang. Food Halal.

  31. Penang Tionghua |

    Penang TP

    Please adjust ur blog clock. My time was 5:38pm but recorded as 2:37am in ur place. TQ

  32. Penang Tua Pui |


    been a while, huh?? So, when are you coming back to for another eating spree again? :D

  33. jason |

    wakaka.. initial planing is to go there next month.. but hopefully will be able to make it with my colleague

  34. Penang Tua Pui |


    good, hope you'll enjoy another round of missing penang after the trip... that should keep you coming back for more~! :P

  35. jason |

    ya... but b4 tat.. need some time off to do some exericise.... gf ald ngam me

  36. Penang Tua Pui |

    No need exercise lar...

    Pui Pui is good... just like us~! :P

  37. Just Simple |

    Not my favourite... I prefer the duck rice there during night time placed outside near the belacan rice.

  38. Penang Tua Pui |

    Hi Just Simple,

    Fyi, the duck rice has actually moved inside. But can't remember when they actually moved in though.


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