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Written on 9:57 PM by Penang Tua Pui

Penang Restaurant, BBQ, Kristal Point, Korean Food

Huat Koay is quite observant towards new restaurant or eating places that pop up around Penang Island. He recently observed a new restaurant operating at Kristal Point while on the way to Queensbay Mall.

Immediately he captured the pictures of the restaurant with his buddy camera and like they say, the rest is history. But then for PenangTuaPui, it is not the history. It is just the beginning to start review the new place in town….

Jeng, jeng, jeng......

Penang Restaurant, BBQ, Kristal Point, Korean Food

The external has Japanese like decoration but not so much on the interior except the sitting areas were slightly elevated compared to the ground. However, it did try to simulate such environment by having mostly wooden furniture.

Penang Restaurant, BBQ, Kristal Point, Korean Food

Penang Restaurant, BBQ, Kristal Point, Korean Food

We also noticed quite large fume extractor right on top of each table, meant to suck out the BBQ smell from the restaurant itself so that you shirts will not feel smelly after the meal. One thing to observe with new restaurant is that when you walk in, the restaurant is pretty much empty except for one or two tables.

Penang Restaurant, BBQ, Kristal Point, Korean Food

You can choose from the selection of set lunches, varies from RM16.80++ to RM25.00++ consist of either Bento set or the BBQ set. Since there were 7 of us, we practically ordered all the set lunch available in the menu but one, Tofu Chige… hehe

Penang Restaurant, BBQ, Kristal Point, Korean Food

When the sets arrived, the Bento set quite met our expectations, in terms of size but the BBQ set is kind of small. It did not look like a set that can make you full like Bento set but more like for snacks (this may be applicable for us Tua Pui only :P)and extra order if you do not feel full with the Bento set.

Penang Restaurant, BBQ, Kristal Point, Korean Food Penang Restaurant, BBQ, Kristal Point, Korean Food

So do not take BBQ set as one take will make you feel full. The unagi was delicious (a bit salty) and the kimchi was nice too but the soup did not taste like miso soup though. Wonder??

Penang Restaurant, BBQ, Kristal Point, Korean Food

Penang Restaurant, BBQ, Kristal Point, Korean Food

The BBQ used traditional charcoal styled pot with simple grill on top of it. (Grill can be change upon request) There is a small hole in the middle of the table to put the charcoal pot, meant to lower down the height so that it is easier to do the BBQ.

The charcoal used was also special as they shape is rounder and more refined unlike the conventional ones that we use and the charcoal emit less smokes too, virtually no smoked seen while we were doing the BBQ.

Penang Restaurant, BBQ, Kristal Point, Korean Food

Penang Restaurant, BBQ, Kristal Point, Korean Food

Our impression towards this restaurant had been good till we asked to refill our green tea. The waitress said we could not refill green tea but could choose to order another instead.

What, no refill?? Come on, this is a BBQ restaurant and people can easily get thirsty and no refill available?? :(

We found this surprising and ridiculous as even high end Japanese restaurants do offer refill. How much does the green tea cost? RM3.00, no refill and the cup is not that big either…. **There goes our good impression**

Updates from the restaurant owner:
This restaurant is a Korean-Japanese restaurant with more emphasis of being Korean than Japanese. The green tea used was brown rice green tea which is considered a premium type green tea, hence no refilled available.

The owner said this green tea can make you more alert if you were to consume it. As for the refill, there is Barley Tea available which is Korean type of drink. Those who want refill can always opt for Barley Tea instead.

On the fume extractor, the comment was we sat directly below the air condition hence it was not strong enough to remove the odour.

Penang Restaurant, BBQ, Kristal Point, Korean Food

Nevertheless, we still liked the BBQ and enjoyed it very much, the chicken was well marinated, the pork, the prawns and the scallops were delicious and the beef was excellent.

Penang Restaurant, BBQ, Kristal Point, Korean Food Penang Restaurant, BBQ, Kristal Point, Korean Food

Penang Restaurant, BBQ, Kristal Point, Korean Food

Penang Restaurant, BBQ, Kristal Point, Korean Food

Huat Koay was enjoying the beef so much that he started complimenting on the beef taste itself. Then Fei Fei pointed to him on the menu whether he had ordered the correct beef. The menu showed this restaurant sell Kobe beef (the most expensive beef, to our knowledge) costing RM125.00.

Penang Restaurant, BBQ, Kristal Point, Korean Food

Penang Restaurant, BBQ, Kristal Point, Korean Food

Immediately, Huat Koay stopped eating and started panicky. He did not expect to come for a meal that will cost him hundreds of ringgit. Friends could see so sweats coming out from the side of the head.

Penang Restaurant, BBQ, Kristal Point, Korean Food Penang Restaurant, BBQ, Kristal Point, Korean Food Penang Restaurant, BBQ, Kristal Point, Korean Food Penang Restaurant, BBQ, Kristal Point, Korean Food

Upon checking with the waiter, only then did Huat Koay realize there was another beef sold at RM35.00.. Phew~! Another near miss that ended up having all of us laughing non-stop…. hahahah

Penang Restaurant, BBQ, Kristal Point, Korean Food Penang Restaurant, BBQ, Kristal Point, Korean Food

Restoran Chou Shun Kan BBQ Yakiniku provides a different environment to BBQ and it is quite a nice place to hang out too.

We liked the food and the presentation but the portion of the BBQ was quite small, as if it is meant for snacks only and the fact that we did not get to refill our green tea was disheartening. Other than that, it is a place we may want to come back again

For reservation and more info, you may contact Girlie Lim as stated below.

Chou Shun Kan BBQ Yakiniku
Krsytal Point, B303-01-06,
Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah,
11900 Penang
04-644 1161, or 012-494 1161 (Girlie Lim)

Open Daily:
11.30am - 2.30pm and 6.00pm - 10.30pm
Close on Sunday morning.

MAP (Navigate around to get better view)

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More photossssss.....

Penang Restaurant, BBQ, Kristal Point, Korean Food

Penang Restaurant, BBQ, Kristal Point, Korean Food

Penang Restaurant, BBQ, Kristal Point, Korean Food

Penang Restaurant, BBQ, Kristal Point, Korean Food

Penang Restaurant, BBQ, Kristal Point, Korean Food

Penang Restaurant, BBQ, Kristal Point, Korean Food

Penang Restaurant, BBQ, Kristal Point, Korean Food

Penang Restaurant, BBQ, Kristal Point, Korean Food

Penang Restaurant, BBQ, Kristal Point, Korean Food

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  1. SK |

    I saw this on my way to work from the BJ round about, it shud be beside the Pan Medic..

    those food looks yummy. but RM3.00 non-refill green tea is terrible.

    did you all feedback to the boss, it doesn't seem to be reasonable... :(

    wonder if it is a good place for my first date with her ????

  2. New Kid on the Blog |

    Yo... you're fast la!! So fast review this place already ah???

  3. Allie |

    WoW! The food looks so delicious. My saliva is running out from my mouth. hehe...

  4. little jossye-pig |

    I wonder what if Huat Koay's eating the kobe beef that day?? hahaha

  5. Shell (貝殼) | very hungry now^^
    i wan the pork, the prawns and the scallops,pls send to tis address pls,xxx,50360,kl

  6. CK Lam |

    Yeah, another great place for me to have a bbq...btw is the large fume extractor very helpful in sucking out the bbq smell? I love to bbq but hate the smell getting all over me from head to toe.

  7. PenangTuaPui |


    There's a saying, "Early Bird gets the worms". Over here, "Early TuaPui ciak tay ho" (gets the best)

    Cheers~! :D:D

  8. PenangTuaPui |


    The food is indeed nice, other than smaller portion, they tasted good... but just don't drool the saliva till you put off the fire.. :P

  9. PenangTuaPui |

    little jossye-pig,

    If Huat Koay really ate the Kobe beef that, we'll be part time cleaners already hahaha... or maybe we would leave Huat Koay alone and let him settle the bill himself...

    hahhaah.. we're bad, we let Huat Koay to do the job :p

  10. email2me |

    Kobe beef also known as Wagyu beef. Once you kena this you will 'FLY'. The cow's life are far more better than us.

    We drink pipe water. The cows drink beer and sake. :D Next week go back PG must go try liao since so near my house.

  11. Big Boys Oven |

    wow this is a lovely post, I like your editing! so cool!

  12. Steven Goh |

    looks good, should go and try out

  13. e-Leng |

    WOW, very nice pics you got there. Keep up the good work!

  14. Joan |

    the beef look so tempting, great shot.

    RM3.00 with no-refilled might be a bit too much.

    Must talk to the boss to get them to improve this, while I beg for green light from my bf to go :(

    Wonder my bf will allow me to go as I am getting fatter now :(

  15. Beng Kiat |

    looks so tempting, drooling now..

    I agree with Joan and SK, RM3 for a non-refilled green tea is not acceptable.

    Now the price keep on shooting up and we need to spend wisely.

  16. "Joe" who is constantly craving |

    i suppose they really need to work on that tea to spend so much money wor..

  17. dead_cat |

    I also agree, RM3.00 for tea is a bit too much..

    do you all talk to the boss asking them to revise since all the reader here are holding the same opinion.

    We need to use the power of consumer.....

  18. Gina Teoh |


    u got their menu a? want to see if it is affordable.

    the food looks nice, but wonder about the price.

    Can help?

  19. Little Keong |

    hi, get to know you from the by 5xmom chanlilian, you all done a great job, nice food.

    the BBQ look nice, great photo shoot.

    Do they pay you for a review? Can ask to get some discount to your reader like us?

    Since you all help to promote the shop, may be can ask a discount for us ma....

    now econ no good... :P

  20. Chuah |

    Brought my family for a lunch there, nice enviroment and great food, yes... negative point is the green tea too.

    But is a nice place to go if you afford to pay for great food. Quality not quantity.

  21. PenangTuaPui |

    about the green tea, we will be sending the feedback to the owner and see their response. Let's hope that they can take this as constructive criticism for improvements.

    the same goes for the fume extractor. It does work but not really effective. We could still smell our shirts after the BBQ but not that strong. Maybe they can turn it on to be stronger or higher speed or at least have proper ventilation..

    btw, any other readers who've been there as well? Perhaps you want to share your experience too :):)

  22. PenangTuaPui |

    hi Gina Teoh,

    we captured the price for set menu only as you can see in the picture above. They cost from RM16.80++ to RM25.00++ for Bento set while the BBQ set is RM25.00++(Beef) and RM20.00++(Chicken & Pork). This is the price per pax.

    The BBQ set to us is more like snacks or for topping up our Bento set. Don't expect to get full having the BBQ set alone, like our case for example..

    we'll try to ask the owners if they can send us a softcopy of the menu so that we can put it here..

    Thanks for the suggestion~! :)

  23. PenangTuaPui |

    Little Keong,

    we do wish they'll pay for our review. Why? so that we could ask for Kobe Beef and Huat Koay wouldn't be sweating then ...hahahaha

    What we're doing here at PenangTuaPui is to share with our readers the places we've discovered and places that we feel the food worth telling a story. Even if it does not, we hope by telling the story here, we will be able to see improvement from those outlets and their aim for perfection. Penangites are known to be very particular about food. The same goes to us as well...We pay for the food, so the food must be worth its money, don't you think so?

    Discount is a good idea, see if they want to give or not. But must see if they agree to our feedback first mah... If don't agree, how to get discounts ler?? :Þ

  24. Firedog |

    go and get discount for us!!!

    Go go go.. may be 10% discount for PenangTuaPui reader.

    Ask the boss to read this la... so see how you all help to promote for them.....

  25. Terrance |

    halo, your set lunch menu pics too small, I can't see the details.

    do you mind get a link for us to the menu. I plan to makan there.

  26. Gloria |

    where is Kristal Point? I am not familiar with the place, can you get me the map like what you have on the other place?

    Thanks in advance.

  27. Hien |

    how much they pay you to write this?!!!!!

    Say BAD on viet food and SAY GOOD for THIS...


  28. PenangTuaPui |


    will get Huat Koay to work on the menu portion. Stay tuned..


    Kristal Point is at Bayan Lepas, facing the big roundabout. There are other rows of restaurants along that place like Sobayoshi, Chef n Brew, Mumbai House etc and also some car showrooms too. Btw, we encountered some issues with the script for map display, still in progress to fix it..

  29. BoyBoy |

    will go and try it tomorrow>

    Thanks for the sharing.

  30. Eugine |

    Have pass the place for multiple time and scare get head chopped, never dare to try.

    Do you mind share how much u all spend and roughly how much will spend for 2 person.

    Plan to celebrate my gf's birthday. Can I get them to prepare a small birthday cake?

  31. PenangTuaPui |


    we're not paid on this. Like what we mentioned earlier, if this is paid review, we would have requested Beef Kobe as complimentary and Huat Koay won't feel panicked then..

    this has nothing to do with whether it's Viet food or BBQ food but a question of what we pay is worth what we get. If you read correctly, we do have some suggestions for this place as well..

    Guess your capillaries were boiling that you've missed this part? ;)

  32. PenangTuaPui |


    we went there in group of 5 and paid RM200++. The most expensive set is RM25.00++ per pax. Ala carte order may be different depending on what you order.

    As for the small cake, why not you call the restaurant and talk to them directly? see if they can accommodate to your request..

    Happy birthday to your gf and hope you too will have a memorable evening :)

  33. AH Beng |

    look great, will go for it.

  34. Geno |

    tua pui, you are keng chow lor... the beef look yummy....

  35. Mei Mei |

    we had been there last week, we are having the same experience whereby the green tea is not free flow after inform by the waitress:(

    but after a while I saw the table beside us get refilled on the drink. My hubby is so frustrated and ask the waitress again, why they can get refilled, why can't we?

    Only then they explain, korean tea can get refill but not jap green tea.

    we are so frustrated as they shud inform us earlier and we dun understand why korean tea and jap tea make a such different in term of $$$.

    Hope this lengthy response from customer like us will get them to revise their strategy before my next visit.

  36. Andy Chow |

    can't wait to see if Tua Puis can get the owner to change their tea system to get Green Tea free flow too...

    Hope to hear good news from you.

    BTW, do they really pay you to blog this?!!

    Can you share their menu too? hihi

  37. William |

    Thanks you guy for recommend this place to us, we had a great experience there.

    We will hang around more frequent to know if any new place come into the list.

  38. PenangTuaPui |

    Mei Mei,

    sorry to hear about the experience you encountered, just like what we had. We managed to get the feedback from the owner on the green tea issue and that's what they claimed as well. Refill only available for barley tea and not green tea. They claimed the green tea served was considered premium.

    What we can suggest is inquire first before ordering to avoid something like this to happen again. Small issue it is but sometimes it can spoil the mood of having a good meal to..

    Nope, they didn't pay for us. Like we said earlier, if they really did.. we would have asked for Kobe Beef as complimentary and Huat Koay wouldn't be sweating then... :p

    we only captured the pix of set menu only and the owner did not send us softcopy of the ala carte one.

  39. Denis |

    hi, you all had given me a good option to celebrate our anniversary at this Friday.


  40. J2Kfm |

    hi PenangTuaPui, nice shots of the food. tempted to give this a try then next time I visit Pg. yeah, pretty stupid of them to refuse refills, as how much can green tea cost? or possibly they try to avoid patrons hoarding the tables?

  41. Nelson Chia |

    we went there for lunch, delicious and yummy. But the portion is way too small to feed our tummy :( and the green tea gave us the same bad experience too :(

  42. Huan Heng |

    apala green tea no refilled?!!!

    I know brown rice tea is expensive.... but will not cost u all losing $$$ kua?!!! compare to the charges on the main course, i believe it is nothing to you all.

    Please revise la....

  43. misstangguo |



  44. Asaki |

    the barley tea taste bad... i perfer green tea, wonder if i know how to appreciate the tea.. hihi...

  45. Baby |

    the more i look at the pictures, the more hungry i get

  46. Soon |

    updates from the owner of the outlet not really convincing. Jap Tea and Korean Tea shud be refill, as the restaurant is Jap-Korean style.. mean both ma... problem.. doesn't make sense

  47. PenangTuaPui |

    This is the feedback they give and we will accept it. However, we do have suggestions too.

    If the green tea is a premium type and cost that much, there’s alternative solution available for refill. You can give each customer individual packet like teabags but refill only hot water. Thus, your cost is only heating up the water which is not expensive. Even if the green tea costs more, people won’t mind as long as there is refill.

    It’ll also be helpful if the owners can inform customers upfront of the difference in Green tea and Barley tea so that consumers are not caught off guard.

    PenangTuaPui's 2 cents inputs :)

  48. GC |

    the BBQ looks so tempting, are you using the DSLR? the photo looks amazing.

  49. PenangTuaPui |

    hi GC,

    we use digital camera with some touch ups :)
    still shopping for dSLR for now


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