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Written on 1:25 PM by Penang Tua Pui

Penang Food, Hutton Lane, Koay Teow Th’ng, Hawker Food
We used to pass by this place several times but never paid a visit until recently. There are just many great foods and varieties available within the vicinity that always ended up as our meals of choice.

From the outside, we can see the coffee shop is always full of people but then so are most coffee shops in Penang, are they not?

The specialty of this koay teow th’ng is not in the soup, it not in the koay teow but is in the fish ball.

Penang Food, Hutton Lane, Koay Teow Th’ng, Hawker Food

Yes, the koay teow th’ng sold here is known for its fish ball. The fish balls are self made by the owners themselves and of course contain secret recipe that make the fish balls delicious. The fish balls are quite juicy with smooth texture and the ingredients too seemed to have been well blended.

Penang Food, Hutton Lane, Koay Teow Th’ng, Hawker Food

The fish balls are quite elastic when we put it into our mouth, compared to factory made fish balls. Talking about elasticity, Fei Fei said it reminded him of Stephen Chow’s movie “God of Cookery” (Sik San) where there was a feature about special elastic meatball that was used to play ping pong…. lolx

Hahaha. Well, we did not try to play ping pong with the fish ball here, although there was a temptation to do some experiments :P

Penang Food, Hutton Lane, Koay Teow Th’ng, Hawker Food

Huat Koay commented that the koay teow is not to his liking as it breaks easily. He prefers the Ipoh Hor Fun type of koay teow for their smooth texture. If only this stall uses Ipoh Hor Fun together with the fish balls, it will be his favorite koay teow th’ng stall then. Also, the soup is a bit oily so it is good to let the boss know earlier if you prefer less oil.

Penang Food, Hutton Lane, Koay Teow Th’ng, Hawker Food

The bowl of koay teow th’ng sells at RM2.40 per regular bowl and RM3.00 for big bowl. Additionally, you can request to add extra ingredients as you like. This place is open at morning and close on Sunday.

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Penang Food, Hutton Lane, Koay Teow Th’ng, Hawker Food

Penang Food, Hutton Lane, Koay Teow Th’ng, Hawker Food

Penang Food, Hutton Lane, Koay Teow Th’ng, Hawker Food

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  1. Jon |

    Finally you all got post new stuff, I love their fish ball, normally will order separately on the fish ball soup. Damn nice. But long queue...

  2. Little Inbox |

    I don't trust Koay Teow Th'ng outside, cuz always contain additives (unknown brand, not Ajinomoto). However, since this one serve their secret recipe fish balls, shall give it a try.

  3. J2Kfm |

    I think I know where this is. passed by a lot of times, never went in.
    somehow, I only take Kuey Teow Thng when I was not well, or exam time. haha ...

  4. New Kid on the Blog |

    lots of people say this is one of the best KKT in town, but I never find it delicious.

  5. Victor and Jane |

    We like the fish ball then their KTT..:P

  6. Mei-Wah |

    i lurve penang kuey teow th'ng too! the fresh hand made fish balls, the smooth kuey teows, yummy soup! wah, OMG i think i need a bowl of kuey teow th'ng now!

  7. LH |

    my mum favourite KTT in town, I always fetch her to have one on Saturday. Great one.

  8. Ben |

    I like their fish ball nia

  9. Joan |

    I dun like their koay teow soup, oily. sien!!

  10. Jack |

    difficult to get place to sit one, some more Sunday no open, my gf always wan to go there makan, but dun have chance at all... she work on Saturday.

  11. CK Lam |

    Only been there a few times, find the KTT soup a bit oily.

  12. PenangTuaPui |

    This KKT is famous for its fishballs and yes, do agree the soup is kind of oily. So it's good to inform the owner upfront to put less oil in your servings.

    As for additives, most stalls we believe do add them too. We never thought Penang hawkers food to be healthy but more towards satisfying our tastebuds and appetite. No wonder we remain Tua Puis :p

  13. buzzingbee |

    KTT is something I would take if there's no other better choice of food. Unless it is famous and recommended to try. Since PenangTuaPui write about it, will try this out if I do pass by that area. Hahaha.

  14. PenangTuaPui |

    buzzingbee etc,

    since KKT is something you folks seldom take, why not order just a bowl of fishballs soup instead and try their fishballs? :)

  15. Kelvin |

    For last time when i sick only eat KKT. So this is first time that i when there for KKT without sick...hahahhaha but the koey teow not as good as Ipoh koey teow.


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