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Written on 12:34 AM by Penang Tua Pui

Penang Food, Curry Mee, Air Itam, Air Hitam, Market, Hawker Food
This is another classic curry mee stall in Penang which we have grown up throughout our younger days.

Eating curry mee at this place brings back some old memories of our childhood. We try to come back whenever we can for a bowl of curry mee the old style, the old way of squatting by the road side.. hehehe.

Despite so many years, the quality of the curry mee remains as they used to be.

Penang Food, Curry Mee, Air Itam, Air Hitam, Market, Hawker Food

The curry mee stall is at the Air Itam market, next to a small river. The curry mee is managed by two elderly sisters, around 60s or 70s of age. Yes, they have aged over time and they have been there for long time.

All the ingredients are put on the floor instead of any make shift stalls. Their ingredients are all cooked upfront from their home before they bring over and spread out around them.

The curry mee soup is heated up slowly using charcoal pot and served to customers one by one. Oh, by the way, it is easier for you to make your order squatting down as well, not only because it is more convenient but also a respect to the elders, at least we feel it that way.

Penang Food, Curry Mee, Air Itam, Air Hitam, Market, Hawker Food

The curry mee tasted fresh and not too thick or creamy either. The soup itself is not that spicy and you can add extra chili if you want to. You will also get cuttle fish in the curry mee. Besides, curry mee, the lady also sells fried bihun.

Penang Food, Curry Mee, Air Itam, Air Hitam, Market, Hawker Food

The experience of eating curry mee at the place is unique although you can opt to sit and eat on a table. There are limited seating places available but you can sit at opposite coffee shop and get delivered to you by yourself. For those coming here the first time, you will think it is kind of gross and unhygienic that food preparation is done this way.

Penang Food, Curry Mee, Air Itam, Air Hitam, Market, Hawker Food

There is alternative to that as well. The sisters actually have a successor and it is few steps away walking down the street. The successor looks cleaner as they have an actual stall and seating places where you can enjoy the curry mee properly.

Penang Food, Curry Mee, Air Itam, Air Hitam, Market, Hawker Food


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  1. Jon |

    this is another legend. Wonder if they are part of the heritage?

  2. Allie |

    That's really unique. Squatting down to make and sell curry mee.

  3. Ann |

    my hubby is curry mee fans, let me forward this to him if he wanted to have a try this weekend.

    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Chui Ping |

    this is a bit dirty to me. :(

  5. little jossye-pig |

    yummy.. i am a fan of curry mee

  6. Benny |

    i had seen this in one of the book which recommend about Penang Food, but dun know where are they until now. Thanks for the map.

    Must go and try it out.

  7. Kee Suan |

    the most recommend Curry Mee in town for the most tradisional ways of curry mee... no huge prawn, solely concentrate on the soup.

  8. Criz Lai |

    Awww.. the aunties.. they have aged so much. I still like their curry mee over many younger sellers now. I will always remember the place too as it was also the first time I got my feet rolled over by a car going into the church area as I was buying my curry mee. :P


  9. Guan |

    they look old, still selling curry mee?

  10. New Kid on the Blog |

    this stall has been advertised in many media. one of the best I was told. but the ladies are so old already, ... shouldn't they be resting at home??

  11. Little Inbox |

    Everytime I have curry mee, sure I'll ask for extra extra chili paste. No chili, no syiok.

  12. Priscilla |


    Much thanks for solving that math problem for me...


  13. Chris C |

    operating hours, morning only is it?

  14. Penang Gin Na |

    ya lor.. pui eh.... i think you forget to add in the operating hour....

    If i remember it correctly is only morning and finished quite fast one before 10.30am all done liao.....

  15. Naughty Keong |

    wow.... PenangTuaPui part time help people solve math problem pulak?!!!!!

  16. PenangTuaPui |


    you're utmost welcome. Hope it does help to clear one problem off your head~!

    view here if you want to know what the math problem is.. (hint: use simultaneous equation or persamaan serentak) :):)

  17. PenangTuaPui |

    this is the link :)


  18. PenangTuaPui |

    Hi Penang Gin Na,

    yes, we missed out that one...the stall operates till 10.30am or jual sampai habis.. It normally starts business by 8.30am.

    This place is near morning market so sometimes parking can be a problem also.. Just take note lor :)

  19. Jim |

    curry mee legend start from there

  20. durianberry |

    OMG! This is old school classic way of trading. How come I never see them when I visit the market? I'm not a fan of curry mee but I so want to try this 'stall' now :D

  21. LH |

    the curry mee sold here is siam style one.. no long bean, no si ham, no big prawn....

    My mum like it the most, need to go there and buy every weekend.

  22. Poh Hon |

    Don't like it, little ingredient, taste is disappointing, I prefer the one at New Lane

  23. loonsssssssss |

    my father's favourite
    everytime he go there also eat this nia

  24. Anonymous |

    Wow... what a gem! My mom used to buy curry mee from these two lovely ladies. 30 years on, she still remembers my mom. Every time, mom visits these ladies, she would say "oh, you're back from Melbourne". Oh I miss their curry mee. I made sure I get the chance to eat if I ever go home again. Thanks for posting the curry mee. Brings back memories!

  25. Penang Tua Pui |

    Glad to know quite a number of you share the same nostalgic moments like us. We do hope to write more about these authentic and classic stalls to share with our readers and to keep the "heritage" values going hehehe :):)

  26. christina |

    i browse through tis blog accidentally and found this article quite interesting...next week will go visit this stall..hopw i realy can find it coz i;m not penang gin na..

  27. Penang Tua Pui |


    1st time by accident, 2nd time by chance, 3rd chance onwards by interest :)

    it may not be clearly visible from main road and the road is normally jammed as it is around the market. Can try ask around if you didn't find it initially.. :)

    Happy eating~!!

  28. EraneLim |

    Errmm..Been there, done that. My boyfriend grew up in that area. The first time he brought me to try to curry me, I'm actually reluctant to. It's a little unhygienic don't you think so? But anyway, I end up trying it because I love food but not yet tua pui.Haha...Guess what I found in the curry? A.N.T.S! Not one but a few red ants. Eww...My boyfriend had a good laugh at me."La sam chiak, la sam tua" says him.


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