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Sin Sei Kai Ais Kacang is unique compared to regular Ais Kacang where it has fruits servings together with Ice Cream toppings, which is called ABC Special over here.

This is a little creativity added to make the Ais Kacang more appealing. The ABC special contains fruits such as mango, papaya and jackfruit. The regular plain Ais Kacang is also available.

The reputation of New World Park (Sin Sei Kai) Ais Kacang is quite well known of among Penangites for generations. Many Penangites actually grew up eatings the Ais Kacang more than once.

Talk about Sin Sei Kai Ais Kacang and the memories of the younger days will immediately come into mind. Sin Sei Kai Ais Kacang is located at Swatow Lane, famous for its range of local hawkers delicacies such as Hokkien Mee, Char Koay Teow, Mee Goreng etc.

It was previously located in the old Kopitiam and road stalls before moving to new premise just beside the old place.

The ABC serving comes in a flat bowl, presumably to hold the Ais Kacang content when it melts. Yes, the ice on ABC melts fast and if you take your time to savour it, you will likely to enjoy soupy ABC instead. The taste is just nice and not too sweet though this can be subjective.

Sin Sei Kai ABC special sells at RM3.XX while the regular one is priced at RM2.XX. The stalls operates from noon onwards till night (~9pm)


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  1. Anonymous |

    this air kacang is more expensive than the original stall in the corner coffee shop outside new world park and it is more tastier. I prefer to take the ais kacang at the coffee shop outside but in terms of hawker food both place serve lousy hawker food. New world park hawker food is now expensive and due to the crowd there, the hawker prepared their food is such a lousy way that it is only good to fill your stomach minus the taste. There are many hawker food at other place but not at New world park nowadays.


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