Dessert: Tong Sui - 糖水


Written on 11:29 AM by Penang Tua Pui

Dessert,Penang Food,Tong SuiTong Sui is a generic term used when referring to desserts consumed by the Chinese that is normally served at the end of the meal. Tong sui is popular among the Chinese or where the presence of Chinese people are obvious.

The phrase “tong sui” itself translates to “sugar water” which means the dessert is a type of sweet serving. It is also known as “tian tang” or sweet soup in Chinese which also reflects that the dessert is soup based.

There are many types of tong sui available and the one we have here is known as “cheng pou leong” or “qing bu liang - 清补凉”.

The popularity of "qing bu liang" picked in Malaysia quite a while ago, possibly due to the exposure from watching the Hong Kong drama and those exposed to Chinese cultures in other nations. In Penang, it is commonly known as "leng chee kang".

There is not much cooking required to prepare "leng chee kang" as most of the ingredients are either cooked upfront or straight from the cans and into the bowls. The only item that must be cooked is the soup (or syrup) itself, which is typically mixture of sugar cooked with water.

The ingredients used usually consist of sweet potatoes, jelly, lychee, longan, sea coconut, atap chee, red beans, white fungus and perhaps much more. They are mixed into a bowl and poured with the syrup. "Leng chee kang" is normally served hot but ice cubes can be added if cold dessert is preferred.

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Dessert,Penang Food,Tong Sui
Dessert,Penang Food,Tong Sui

Dessert,Penang Food,Tong Sui

Dessert,Penang Food,Tong Sui

Dessert,Penang Food,Tong SuiDessert,Penang Food,Tong Sui

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  1. pet2236 |

    i found this tangyen at Macalister Road next to Bank Rakyay is special n would like to share.

  2. Penang Tua Pui |

    hi pet2236,

    thanks for the info. This is another authentic stall that sells tang yuen and the ginger based soup is really refreshing. And the tang yuen with peanut filling is nice too~!


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