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Penang Road, Cendol, Teo Chew CendolPenang Road, Cendol, Teo Chew Cendol
Mention about Cendol and this stall is most likely the one that will come into picture. The Penang Road Cendol is undoubtedly the most famous cendol stall we have come across in Penang. We will tell you why…..

Penang Road Cendol is located not exactly at Penang Road but at Lebuh Keng Kwee, a small lane on the left off Penang Road, just before you turn into Komtar (Jalan Dr Lim Chwee Leong). The stall is outside a kopitiam (coffeshop) which happens to have another famous laksa stall.

Penang Road, Cendol, Teo Chew Cendol

This stall is always full of people waiting to enjoy a creamy bowl of cendol under the hot weather and you don’t have to wait long for your turn.

Penang Road, Cendol, Teo Chew Cendol

The owner and his assistants can easily prepare few bowls of Cendol in less than a minute…. Get a bowl filled with shaved ice, put some red beans and pour the green grass jelly together with coconut milk on top. Yes, it is that easy and fast.

Penang Road, Cendol, Teo Chew Cendol

Besides Cendol, the stall also sells Ais Kacang and drinks such as Chrysanthemum (kek wa) and Green Grass (Che Chau)

The stall operates at daily from noon till 7pm. Car park is quite a challenge here yet you continue to see stream of endless customers patronizing this Penang Road Cendol stall almost at any time.

A bowl of cendol sells at RM1.50 while Ais Kacang sells at RM1.70 and there is additional charge for take away. Still, enjoying the Cendol on the spot is a better experience …

Queue Under Hot Sun
Penang Road, Cendol, Teo Chew Cendol


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  1. Anonymous |

    i had been there once during my last trip to Penang. A friend of mine brought me there.

    The cendol is just nice, but is very hot standing there to have you cendol, but yet another good experience.

    Keep it up, fatty, I am fatty too


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