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Penang Food, PenangTuaPui, Cendol, DessertCendol is a type of dessert where you’ll see only three colours; brown, green and white. In fact, these are the main ingredients that make up the cendol.

Of course, other variations of cendol have much more ingredients besides these, including red beans, glutinous rice and grassed jelly.

It is a simple dessert made of up starched noodle with green coloring (though most people will use grassed jelly these days) and topped up with shaved ice, much like its sibling, the Ais Kacang.

However, the shaved ice portion for cendol is typically less compared to Ais Kacang but you will still get palm sugar syrup poured onto the ice. The main ingredient that makes cendol appetizing is coconut milk.

Cendol is believed to be originating from Java, Indonesia but the popularity of this dessert make cendol an Asian dessert. You will see that not only Indonesian or Malays selling cendol but also Chinese and Indians.

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