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PenangTuaPui, how to add comment, Penang Food
You have read about our postings and you have inputs to add in, ideas to suggest, mistakes to point out, compliments to give *ahem* or even stories to tell. How did you do that?

Well, you can always comment at the bottom of the postings. (Yes, there is a box at the below of the postings for you to comment). Before you jump asking, “Do we actually need to guide people on how to give comments? The answer is simply, a resounding “Yes”.

From our feedback with friends and also some emails we received from readers. Some actually admitted they do not know how to comment or find it a bit difficult to give comments to the postings, despite the number of comments that we have.

Well, worry not for those of you who felt this before. Read below and we will guide you how to do it.

Usually, at the end of every posting, you will see a white box which you can type your comments in there. This portion should be fairly easy, just let your thoughts flow and fill up the box. Okay, you’re done, what’s next?

PenangTuaPui, how to add comment, Penang Food

The next part that puts “Comment as ..”, you’ll be given a selection of choices. What are these??? This selection is just to help you identify yourself as a reader that post comment in the posting. Each of the selection is described below

PenangTuaPui, how to add comment, Penang Food

If you host any of the blog at the services mentioned below, you can always use them to identify yourself.


For OpenID, you can put in any other URL than the one mentioned above including your own domain.

You may choose to use the Name and URL option, where you can key in your name and url as below.

PenangTuaPui, how to add comment, Penang Food

Also, if you don't own any blog or don't have any url, What should you do?

Hmm... pretty straight forward, just follow instruction below.

Choose Name/URL entry. Enter your name as usual and followed by you email address in the same box, you may leave the URL blank as shown below. To avoid spam, please help to follow the email format shown below. This will be useful if you do a lot of commenting and can avoid re-typing the URL again and again.

PenangTuaPui, how to add comment, Penang Food

The final one of course is self explanatory which is Anonymous. You can use that if you feel uncomfortable displaying your own name or pseudonym.

We hope this how to guide can help you to make blogging a nicer experience. Happy reading~!

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