Tong Sui: Jelutong - Leng Looi Tong Sui


Written on 12:55 AM by Penang Tua Pui

This leng looi tong sui stall is located at the Jelutong market, at the corner outside a coffee shop. In fact, it’s not a stall but rather a small pickup truck which the back portion modified to easily set up for business.

The name of this tong sui stall is “mat tou yau” ( means everything also available) tong sui but the term leng looi tong sui is often referred to this stall because the owners are two pretty young ladies (sisters, I believe) working together to run the business :)

The tong sui ingredients are much the same like others but theirs may have additional items like gingko, longans, sago and sea coconut.

You can also take your pick over the ingredients, much like mix and match to make your own favorite leng chee kang. One plus point is that the leng chee kang is not too sweet and taste just right.

However, if you insist of having it sweeter, they do provide syrup for you at no extra cost.

The stall operates from evening onwards and they do have another branch at the round about food court at Taman Free School. Enjoy the tong sui while at the same time be attracted with sight of pretty tong sui sellers.

Even Ah Xian from Taste with Jason (Astro AEC) came before to try it himself. So what are you waiting for?

Tong Sui



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  1. Anonymous |

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  2. loonsssssssss |

    hehe, too bad now no more leng lui d
    but the Tong Sui still good :)

  3. Anonymous |

    the leng lui tong sui thing was last time when the 4 sisters were still there.

  4. QuaChee |

    beautiful close up shots. looks good :)

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