Penang Food: Hokkien Mee


Written on 1:52 AM by Penang Tua Pui

Penang Food, Hokkien MeePenang Food, Hokkien Mee
Hokkien Mee or Prawn Mee is a gourmet originated from Hokkien (Fujian) and the recipe was brought over when its people migrated to South East Asia. The hokkien mee in Penang is typically soup based, unlike some other types of hokkien mee that are stir fried.

Hokkien mee contains egg noodles and rice noodles firstly cooked with hot boiling water to soften them. The noodles are then placed into a bowl where more ingredients will be added. Typical ingredients used are prawns, slices of pork, bean sprouts, fish cake, eggs, pork ribs, kangkong, vegetables and deep fried shallots.

Penang Food, Hokkien Mee
Then hot fragrant stock cooked with fresh and dried shrimps are then poured onto the noodles before serve.

A delicious bowl of Hokkien Mee lies in its soup. The soup has a sweetness taste with slightly salty due to the use of shrimp heads and shells that have been extensively cooked to get their flavours. Hokkien mee can also be served with ground chilies or sambal.

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  1. Anonymous |

    eh what about classic hockkien mee? you got to be kidding to leave this one out. the wait time is 40min at least. you got to make friends with Ah Hong chi who remember all the orders without jotting a single thing down! she's a marvel.

  2. PenangTuaPui |


    which classic hokkien mee are you referring to?
    Perhaps you can tell us more so that we can make a visit.. or perhaps we have already gone there but never realised it? :p

  3. Bris77 |

    The classic hokkien mee and Ah Hong chi is along Perak Road, after Dato Kramat police station traffic light, opposite Anson Road padang. It's next to pet shop and Pulau Pinang Clinic. You shouldn't missed it. 8am-10.00am is their daily working time (Tue off), if you go there earlier, then wait until 8am. If you approached the stall around 10.00am, don't be surprised if they have finished the soup!

  4. Huat Koay |

    hi, Briss,

    to be exact, the shop start at 8.10pm as I reach there one time ~7.30am, the cook told me that...

    it is located at Perak Lane.

  5. Bris77 |

    Hi HuatKoay, Perak Lane is opposite SanSan school and Perak Lane is famous for its seafood porridge.
    This classic hokkien mee is along Perak Rd. Just loved the spicy soup and the prawn! Doubt cud get that size of prawn anywhere in hokkien mee in Penang!

  6. Huat Koay |

    ops.. yaya... Perak Rd.....

    sorry.... blur blur.... taking care baby is very tiring....... :(

  7. naive |

    The Hokkien Mee Stall next to the Pasembur Stall inside Batu Lancang Hawker Centre (opposite Olympia college) is good by my reckoning. Eat Hokkien Mee with burnt shallot-vinegar (suan leong chor) even though it's soup mee. Normally, people take lor mee wih suan leong chor. This time, try in on soup mee. Not every Hokkien Mee Soup stall has suan leong chor. This stall has it, and the soup MUST be burning hot...That is Hokkien Mee at its best! Outside Penang not many sellers understand what is suan leong chor.

  8. naive |


    re: Aug 15,2008 10:06pm

    suan leong chor = garlic-vinegar
    garlic must be burnt garlic (=huey sio suan) to have excellent taste. Hokkien mee soup must be steaming hot (=thoot-thoot). Now. this is hokkien mee a its best...

    Just to let out a little secret... I sold Penang hokkien mee for 7 years... in the 60s... eaten hokkien mee nearly every day for more than half a century. Had tried the noodles at many places around peninsular Malaysia... coz I love Hokkien mee...


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