Hawker Food: Pulau Tikus Curry Puff


Written on 11:18 PM by Penang Tua Pui

Penang Food, Hawker Food, Pulau Tikus Market, curry puff

Yes, you read it rightcurry puff. You must be wondering but Huat Koay, Fei Fei and myself do enjoy looking for edible things we can put into our mouths and down to our big tummies.

Curry puffs doesn’t quite fit to be a dish but rather a snack that we would like to have after having proper meals. It’s like a snack that adds the icing to our sumptuous meal where you get the feeling ….. Ahhhhhh, I’m full.

This curry puff stall is located at the corner of kopitiam at Pulau Tikus Market, same row as the Pulau Tikus lok lok. The stall is located outside the kopitiam.

Penang Food, Hawker Food, Pulau Tikus Market, curry puff

What we like about the Curry puffs here is that they are big in size and the length is typically same size as your palm. Also, each time when we buy these curry puffs, they’re always piping hot and just out from the frying pan. Maybe we’re just in luck everytime? 

Penang Food, Hawker Food, Pulau Tikus Market, curry puff

The ingredients inside is similar to regular curry puffs but in larger quantity, obviously. You’ll get potatoes and chunks of chicken meat inside. The skin and crust are also crunchy; perhaps they just got out from the pan.

The stall is available mostly during daytime and each curry puff sells at RM1.50. Fei Fei always buy two each time… for himself!

Penang Food, Hawker Food, Pulau Tikus Market, curry puff


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  1. Christie @ fig & cherry |

    Hmmmm, it's interesting you eat curry puffs after your meal. I would probably nibble on them before my meal with a glass of wine! :)

  2. Wen Wen |

    wow.... curry puff "queue" nicely for u lor... not bad....

    nice blog....

  3. penangtuapui |

    christie....yes, our stomachs still have lots of space left even after a proper meal, so to 'telan" a curry puff is really piece of cake... We're Penang Tua Pui mah.. tummy also tua tua :P

    hi wen wen...
    it's queuing up for you too.. but you gotta make a trip there...:)

  4. CS |

    tua pui a tua pui.... u all very bad ...

    i like u and hate u all at the same time...

    the food u all recommend look yummy... but your intention to intro those to use is BAD!!!

    Cannot forgive....... But I can't hold from coming back....errrrrrrgggggg

  5. Yong |

    Nice blog... keep it up!

    Btw, your blog can't be accessed by http://penangtuapui.com (without the wwww)

  6. Mei-Wah |

    wah!!! curry puffs... i <3 curry puffs! and penang tua pui... guess what?!? i'm heading to penang next weekend for jalan-jalan cari makan!!! hooray~~~~

  7. June |

    curry puff, it tastes as nice as you see. I am wondering why the fellow tuapuissss didn't snap the ingredients inside...

    there is a store of Thai's style laksa nearby. You all shud give it a try....

  8. BK |

    I heard about this site from one of my course mate, seems like the fatty is good in food shooting as well as "makan-ing"

    great work tua pui....

  9. Daniel Chang |

    Hi, PenangTuaPui

    Do you have any recommend place for a 2 days trip at Penang for food hunting as well as traveling....

    a group of us (10ppl) will headed North for this. Thanks

  10. Stacy |

    hey.. penang-lang.. u r so cute and so evil to make us fat like u ....


    the curry puff is very famous around that area, i like the Siam Laksa at that place too... yum yum...

    forget to tell... the western food sold behind this stall worth trying too...

  11. buzzingbee |

    It used to be RM1, then RM1.20 and now RM1.50!!! And they used to put a quarter hard boiled egg inside.

    Yes you are lucky every time. Sometimes I get cold curry puffs :(

  12. Snapshots |

    yup it's nice curry puff, one of the more expensive ones but that come with quality

  13. penangtuapui |

    hi daniel chang... we can give you some hints of where to hunt for great food while you're on your trip here.. . do drop us email at penangtuapui@gmail.com

    hi june, stacy.. we've tried the Thai laksa many times but we observed the quality has dropped this few years. i'm not sure if the lady still there but the last time i went there was a man handling the stall.. maybe the husband or the son or someone else??

  14. penangtuapui |

    buzzingbee... i should ask you along the next time we go buy the curry puffs... so that you'll get hot curry puffs too :)

  15. penangtuapui |

    snapshots... remember there's a chinese saying.. "the portion of money you pay is the portion of goods you get"..

    but then i don't this holds much longer since everything keeps going up everyday ... :'(

  16. Criz Lai |

    This is another great curry puff stall in Penang. A bit expensive compared to those selling elsewhere. Pulau Tikus, rich man area mar.. haha. But with this price, the filling sure worth the amount paid.

    By the way, they are selling at RM1.40 each from 7am - 8pm daily. The curry puffs are homemade and they sold around 800pcs a day.

    Hmm... come we go sell curry puffs. With an estimate of RM300 net profit per day, it's even more than an engineer's salary.. O_o""""

  17. constance |

    is this the one that is at the moulmein road corner kopi tiam? there is one i tried there very good. a malay makcik and her daughter manning the stall, afternoon time is the man and son. they have curry puff and nasi lemak also. cos i love their curry puff. lots of onions, potatoes and some chicken meat.

  18. penangtuapui |

    hi constance..

    Bingo, that's the one!
    yes, they do sell nasi lemak as well but everytime we go there, our aim is to have curry puffs only.

    Recently, i do notice the size getting slightly smaller although the price remains at RM.140

  19. Monkee |

    I reaaallllly miss curry puffs a.k.a. karipaps. Could you courier some to Melbourne?

  20. penangtuapui |


    yes, there's no problem sending you the curry puffs.. please send us your address and bank in some cash to us so that we can handle for you....

    we willcharge accordingly for logistics handling and maintaining freshness, some commissions and admin fees...

    delivery not guaranteed though... they may end up inside our stomachs too....

    do you agree to the T&C? :)


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