Seafood: Teluk Kumbar Seafood ( Hao You)


Written on 10:09 PM by Penang Tua Pui

Penang Seafood, Teluk Kumbar, Hao You, Hou You, CrabPenang Seafood, Teluk Kumbar, Hao You, Hou You, Crab
It was supposed to be a night to celebrate a friend’s birthday that we decided to have seafood dinner.

Our initial plan was to go to Hilly Towne Restaurant at the middle of the hill on the way to Balik Pulau but much to our disappointment and frustation, the seafood restaurant tutup kedai!! Arghhhh!!

So left with no choice and stomach growling, we had to find an alternative. Instantly, teluk kumbar seafood came into picture and off we went.

After more than half an hour, we finally reached the place ( TELUK KUMBAR SEAFOOD) and the noise of stomach growling becoming louder.

Penang Seafood, Teluk Kumbar, Hao You, Hou You, Crab

There were lots of people when we reached and immediately we looked for a place to settle down, quickly ordered the food and drinks too. Oh yea, while waiting for our foods to arrive, we got ourselves satay as appetizer.

Penang Seafood, Teluk Kumbar, Hao You, Hou You, Crab

Penang Seafood, Teluk Kumbar, Hao You, Hou You, Crab

The environment was quite lively and the sea breeze makes the surroundings quite comforting, it did not feel stuffy or warm having dinner that time. The restaurant had quite a number of chefs working round the clock to prepare the dishes and our food arrived within reasonable time.

Penang Seafood, Teluk Kumbar, Hao You, Hou You, Crab

“Cit lei” aka helicopter was the first dish to arrive, followed with clams (zhu tan). The sizes of the clams were the biggest I have eaten in any seafood restaurants. They were so big that you would feel the satisfaction of actually chewing the clams.

Penang Seafood, Teluk Kumbar, Hao You, Hou You, Crab

Penang Seafood, Teluk Kumbar, Hao You, Hou You, Crab

Fried bihun with salted fish arrived soon after while we continued to indulge with the food. The ingredients and portions are quite satisfactory but I find it slightly oily too.

The main dish that we ordered finally arrived, crabs cooked with salted duck egg. Ahhhh… the sight of that dish in front of our eyes looked really tempting to feast. Just look at the pictures and I’m sure it had already made you drooling 

Penang Seafood, Teluk Kumbar, Hao You, Hou You, Crab

Although it was cooked with salted duck egg, it wasn’t what we had in mind. Instead, there was a twist to that dish and somehow it looked more tempting. Milk was added which made the crabs looked creamy. It was the first time for us to have salted duck egg crabs with milk but we did find it nice and delicious.

Penang Seafood, Teluk Kumbar, Hao You, Hou You, Crab

The price of the seafood dishes are quite reasonably affordable as well and won’t burn a hole in your pocket. It is open daily except Tuesday and operates from 5.30pm till 10pm.

Teluk Kumbar Seafood
84, MK 9, Teluk Kumbar
11920 Pulau Pinang
Tel: 04-6491403

Fresh Seafood

Penang Seafood, Teluk Kumbar, Hao You, Hou You, Crab

Penang Seafood, Teluk Kumbar, Hao You, Hou You, Crab


Penang Seafood, Teluk Kumbar, Hao You, Hou You, Crab

Penang Seafood, Teluk Kumbar, Hao You, Hou You, Crab

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  1. Rasa Malaysia |

    Hi there,

    I like your website, my dear Penang kaki lang. You guys are funny. :)

  2. Mei Wah |

    oh my gawd... your seafood pictures make mine look not delicious lor... paiseh zuo... your photo taking skills are fabulous...

  3. Criz Lai |

    Gosh.. you guys should watch out your cholesterol level.. haha :P The food looked tempting enough but I feel lazy to drive up there unless got special occasion lor.

    Anyway, I have been to a few seafood place up there before and most of them are reasonably cheap. There was one along the road to Gertak Sanggul on the right (oops.. it has been years since I last went there and forgot the name :P) and another one in a village in Teluk Tempoyak. You should try those... but not now cos I scared you all have overdose of seafood.. haha :P

  4. tam ciak @ penangtuapui |

    rasa malaysia... hello Penang lang, nice to see you here.. and glad you find us funny :D ... that means you enjoy what we have posted here :):)

    Come back for more :D:D

  5. tam ciak @ penangtuapui |

    mei wah ... we learned some of the tricks from others as well. We can give you some pointers too if you want... after all it's all about sharing nice stuffs with those who wanted to know :)

    the photos look yummy, real ones taste even better!! :p

  6. tam ciak @ penangtuapui |

    criz lai, you hit the jackpot about the cholesterol thing. I just had health screening done last month and my reading is at borderline.. well, doctor's advice as long as i exercise frequently.. i am fine.

    I'm not sure if you are referring to "hai boey" at Gertak Sanggul one or maybe another seafood restaurant. I heard about the one at Teluk Tempoyak but haven't tried it yet.

    Indeed, unless we have a reason, we won't drive all the way there... but we're Penang Tua Pui, we always have a reason to drive up there... ciak, ciak, ciak ..... hahaha

  7. Gloria |

    hey... the hai boay better lor... i like their claypot fish, very nice... and the fish is very fresh...

    and the crab as well... very good..

  8. little inbox |

    Some ppl like Hai Boey, but some prefer Hao You. It depends la. Certain dish, Hai Boey better, like the clay pot fish for sure.

  9. Ang Ku Kueh |

    Normally we will go to Ratu Kawan, Ah Yan for seafood... fast serving and fresh.

    From what I can see, when the shop become famous, it will turn to mass production which turn to quality drop as well as the service....

  10. Raymond |

    ang ku kueh: I am totally agree with you.

    It makes me feel shame when I brought my friend from KL to those hawker.. embarassing, especially the lorong selamat one... :(.... geram

    Hope both Hai Boey and Hao You can maintain both quality and the service.

  11. penangtuapui |

    we had just been to hai boey over the weekend and comparatively, hao you is more reasonably priced for the same types of dishes we ordered..

    although we did not order claypot fish but ordered steam fish instead, i agree they're quite fresh..... i have the photos captured, tastes and smells still fresh in mind, will write a review about it shortly :)

    As for the seafood at Batu Kawan & tambun.. it has been a while since we went to Ah Yan.. For me, i'll normally go to Neptine seafood, (it's at the junction leading to Batu Kawan stadium) .. service is okay but price is reasonable ....

    I'm sure there are others like Ah Yan seafood, waiting for us to ciak only :D:D

  12. xplee |

    hi there,
    the crab really looks good
    maybe you should try out the KING CRAB when you visit KL

  13. penangtuapui |


    yea, we've heard about the king crab in KL but not sure which one is the best.

    We were told there's also Alaskan crab (not sure if that consider king crab too) at Penang, particularly at Bali Seafood at Gurney Drive. Not sure if its a match in terms of size but it is definitely an expensive crab....


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