Hawker Food: Bukit Jambul Pan Mee


Written on 10:09 PM by Penang Tua Pui

Penang Food, Pan Mee, Bukit Jambul, Hawker Food
This pan mee stall is behind Malvest Plaza at Bukit Jambul, located at the low cost flat facing a small field.

The stall is at the ground floor shoplot but the seatings are extended to a wide surrounding. In order words, enjoying pan mee here is at open air environment.

Penang Food, Pan Mee, Bukit Jambul, Hawker Food

This is one of the places, huat koay, fei fei and I quite frequent, not because we like it but it is because we run out of ideas of where to eat during lunch time.

Yes, having too many choices at times can be confusing. Yet, we are grateful for being spoilt with choices in Penang!

Penang Food, Pan Mee, Bukit Jambul, Hawker Food Penang Food, Pan Mee, Bukit Jambul, Hawker Food

The pan mee here is what we called HVM mode – High Volume Manufacturing because the pan mee is cooked in masses than individually prepared. You put your orders on a piece of chit sheet and pass to the workers.

Then the workers will prepare the portion based on the size you want, Small, Large, XL, XXL, XXXL (Yes, you read it right – Huat Koay always ordered the XXXL because he complained the normal ones cannot fill up his stomach). The portion is indeed quite small even a normal person will order “Large”.

Penang Food, Pan Mee, Bukit Jambul, Hawker Food

The pan mee comes in either thin or flat noodle and you get a bowl of soup with two fishballs if you ordered a dry one. The pan mee can be quite salty and the colour is dark brown, possibly too much of soy sauce inside.

Additionally, there is a mug filled with chilly sauce that you can add to your liking especially those who prefer to have it very spicy.

Penang Food, Pan Mee, Bukit Jambul, Hawker Food

Besides pan mee, you can also order snacks like dim sum and also “A1” rojak which has colorful prawn crackers (heh piah). Also, there’s only one type of drink available, luo han guo either served hot or cold.

Although we like the outdoor atmosphere but the pan mee you eat may have additional “ingredients” without you realizing it.

Penang Food, Pan Mee, Bukit Jambul, Hawker Food

You may get leaves or small sticks or some other objects that fall off from the tree. Call it your luck if you happen to have extra ingredients in your pan mee.

The pan mee costs between RM3.00 to RM4.30 while the luo han guo costs RM1 each.

Penang Food, Pan Mee, Bukit Jambul, Hawker Food


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  1. buzzingbee |

    Haha I always order 'small' bowl when I go there wor.
    But I feel the pan mee in pg totally lose out to the ones in KL city (lat chiew pan min). Ate that once and won't feel like eating BJ pan mee anymore!!!

  2. CK Lam |

    The servings is a bit too small... hv to ordered the dim sum or else add another extra plate of mee.

  3. little inbox |

    I used to eat the pan mee under the big tree with my ex-colleagues.

  4. New Kid on the Blog |

    their serving is extremely small!!!

  5. Benny |

    to me it look like worm rather than noddle.... yaks

  6. Alex |

    hey... even their xxxl is still cant fullfil my stomach..

    always need to get other stuff to fill up the empty space

  7. Criz Lai |

    I agreed with the rest. Although I had two bowls, my tummy can still fill up more... four bowls to be exact. It's just too small and err... expensive for the amount served.

    Do you think the drinks there does not taste like "leong char" at all? To me, it's too diluted.

    The Pan Mee there used to be extremely good but now the food is being cooked by indonesian maid pula... jatuh standard a bit liao. sweat~~


  8. Joel |

    Hey... when u shoot the photo? Why Our group is in one of your shot...

    Penang Tua Pui, remember to pay us for using our photo....

    we love the food very much, your should intro to more ppl...

    but for our small stomach... ok lor... but u all tooo big body size liao...

  9. penangtuapui |

    criz lai,

    Guess we pretty much agree the price/portion ratio is expensive since normal servings also can't feel full...

    and the preparation of the pan mee here is no longer authentic as they start to utilize the help from the indonesian maids... this scene is beginning to exist elsewhere are other hawkers' stall too... Nevertheless, as long as the taste and smell still preserved as the originals, we have no concern... Somehow, this is no longer the case with this pan mee stall..

    the leong char drinks? Ermm still ok for us but at least add some ingredients inside and not just purely water lor...

  10. penangtuapui |

    hi joel,

    hahaha... when we shot the photo? at the same time as you and your gang having pan mee there lor... else how will we capture the shot :p

    hmmm instead of paying you.. shouldn't you be the one paying us to have your photos captured? and if you can identify yourself in the picture, perhaps we can do promotion for you in our website too :D

    .... just kidding but hope you don't mind we snapping the shot of your lunch gang :)

    yes, we're trying to introduce different eatings places to people, maybe you can refer others to our site too..

    you should know we have big stomachs, which is why we still can eat curry puffs after meal too ... hehehe

  11. Eleen Por |

    Hi guys,

    Many, many, many, MANY moons ago, this place used to be my *favourite* place for pan mee in Penang. How many moons ah? Hmmm....I think abt 9 years ago when I first started working. Heck, when I was frequenting that place, the rojak and other stalls were not even there yet. Purely pan mee stall only.

    I stopped going when they started using their Indon maids to cook and their portions grew ridiculously small. That's the problem with Chinese biz folks. They get popular and make alot of money, they think of MORE ways to make MORE money and consequently, their food quality deteriorates. Sad.

    Anyway, I totally agree with all of you. The portions are ridiculously small for the price we pay. And the drinks are *super* dilluted.

    So, I BOYCOTT this place already. Rather eat other things in this area. Sooo many choices. Don't bother going to this cut-throat place anymore lah. *ptttoooiii*

  12. Anonymous |

    i used to stay there and ate there when they first started business. To disappointment...the quality is degrade and the portion is ridiculously small ... totally agreed wth Eleen...
    I too BOYCOTT the place.


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