Penang Food: BM Curry Mee (Yong Xu Xia)


Written on 10:45 PM by Penang Tua Pui

Penang Food, Bukit Mertajam, BM, Curry Mee, Kari Mi, Yong Xu Xia
This stall is famously known as Chiu Chang Kar Curry Mee or Yong Xu Xia Curry Mee. Yup, the curry mee stall is located under big tree shade along Jalan Kulim, near Taman Sentosa Food Court.

If you are coming from BM town, you will pass Kim Sen primary school and Shell petrol station on the right and the stall is opposite Shell petrol station.

The specialty of this curry mee is that the soup itself is curry-based and not the white colored soup which you need to add chili like the one in Chulia Street for example....

Thus, you do not need to put in chili sauce (even though you can do that if it’s not spicy enough). To me, this is the real curry mee.

Penang Food, Bukit Mertajam, BM, Curry Mee, Kari Mi, Yong Xu Xia

The taste is quite good which without much of the chili flavoring and the curry does taste similar to vegetarian curry too. The bowl of curry mee does come with generous portion of ingredients as you can see in the picture, pig’s blood, tau pok, long beans, cockles etc.

Penang Food, Bukit Mertajam, BM, Curry Mee, Kari Mi, Yong Xu Xia, octopus

Besides curry mee, this stall also sells boiled baby octopus. Yes, yes… you heard me right, the eight legged thingy. There are not many places that sell baby octopus but this place is one of them. It comes with chili sauce and tnee cheoh sprinkled with grounded nuts for you to dip.

A regular bowl of curry mee costs RM2.50 while a large one is priced at RM3.00. The stall opens daily from noon till evening.

Penang Food, Bukit Mertajam, BM, Curry Mee, Kari Mi, Yong Xu Xia, octopus

BM Popiah
Penang Food, Bukit Mertajam, BM, Curry Mee, Kari Mi, Yong Xu Xia, octopus

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  1. Mei Wah |

    curry laksa at BM? i never been to bukit mertajam... is it at the seberang prai? can be my tour guide for food when i drop by penang next time? ehehehe...

  2. little inbox |

    The curry mee looks like not too lemak. Am I right?

  3. tam ciak @penangtuapui |

    mei wah, yes, Bukit Mertajam is at Seberang can drop us a line when you intend to come over, we have three guides to bring you around :)

    little inbox, the curry mee doesn't taste too lemak either and it won't leave you feeling "hek" (satiated), the closet comparison i can make is it's the same as vegetarian curry minus excessive coconut milk

  4. Benny |

    i like the curry mee near the weld quay..

    same like u all name Tua Pui curry mee... and at the same time can try the `ai yu ping`.. :P

  5. JJ |

    I suka the type without the curry paste.... better... may be i get use to the type my mum always prepare for us

  6. penangtuapui |

    benny... i guess we share the same trait of being "tua pui" with the weld quay tua pui curry mee

    perhaps, we Penang Tua Pui can drop by and get a review done on this stall and introduce to our readers :)

    the "ai yu ping" is also known as "oh kio" .. a cooling dessert after the curry mee ....hehehe

  7. Janice |

    "oh kio".. what is that... sound interesting... I am sorry, I am not Penang-lang..

    can you all have a review on that??

    We will head up to PG for business visit and of course for our own food hunting activities as well...

    definitely will try to oh kio...

    May be we will need some tour guide on Penang, do you all provide this?

  8. penangtuapui |

    hi janice,

    oh kio is a type of dessert made of grass jelly, topped up with lychee and piece of lemon... yes, we'll review it later...

    as for your food hunting activities, kindly drop us a mail at we can arrange that for you :)

    welcome to Penang!!

  9. hong |

    wow, im oso BM ppl but dunno got such place leh...
    is it near the duck egg char koay teow?
    what is their business hour?
    will have a try soon... :)

  10. J Tong |

    yup. it is at the duck egg char kuey teow. same place. just that duck egg char kuey teow start operates from night to late night.


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