Hawker Food: ANBA Fresh Coconut Drink


Written on 10:08 PM by Penang Tua Pui

Penang Food, coconut drink, Aboo Sitee Lane
Under the hot weather when you yearn for nice, cooling drink to quench your thirst, this shop at Aboo Sitee Lane is the place to go.

It is off Burmah Road and just opposite the Giant/ Penang Plaza, named ANBA Coconut.

It sells fresh coconut water which will be pleasant to your throat and your body too. It is also a known fact that coconut flesh is not only cholesterol free but also low in fat content.

Penang Food, coconut drink, Aboo Sitee Lane
The owner sells both types of coconuts; regular and pandan coconut. Pandan coconut is slightly different in terms of its size which is slightly smaller and rounder compared to regular coconut.

The pandan coconut water also has the scent and taste just like pandan, naturally.

Penang Food, coconut drink, Aboo Sitee Lane

A unique experience of enjoying coconut water here is you don’t have any spoon to scrape the coconut flesh. Instead, the owner will craft a spoon-like scoop out of the coconut husk itself and you can scrape the flesh without any problem at all.

The regular coconut sells at RM1.50 while pandan coconut sells at RM2.20. You can enjoy the coconut on the spot or you can opt for take away as well. The shop is opened 8.00am – 7.00pm.


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Penang Food, coconut drink, Aboo Sitee Lane

Penang Food, coconut drink, Aboo Sitee Lane

Penang Food, coconut drink, Aboo Sitee Lane

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  1. lingzie |

    hey! i was just about to blog about this place too.... nvm will keep it for later on... :)

    love your 3 cute cartoon men logo!

  2. Penang Tua Pui |

    lingie: your blog is amazing and we notice your post is selected by Queensbay Mall as feature blog post for them...

    We can't beat u..... :P but one thing we might challenge u... our weight.... muahaha.... that one no one dare to challenge us...

  3. vkeong |

    Paiseh nia.. I never try this coconut drink before.. passed there like dunno how many hundred times already

  4. Tam Ciak @ penangtuapui |

    It's a hot, sunny day and your throat drying up.... causing you to swallow your saliva again and again...

    Suddenly, at the of this corner of Aboo Sitee Lane.. you see a pile of green balls ..(ooopss, coconuts!) and your instinct tells you... Get refresh!!! Get Coconut drinks....

    It's time for....Fresh Coconut Drink!! hehehe ...

  5. Joel |

    very expensive... not worth on the drink

    but if u are looking for some coconut chopping stunt...

    that's the correct place for u....

  6. penangtuapui |

    hi joel, thanks for your inputs.. perhaps you can share with readers why are the coconut drinks expensive?

    i have been to few places that selling coconuts and they sell around the similar price per coconut ~RM2

    looks forward to your comment soon! :)


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