Hawker Food: Nasi Lemak Seng Kim Hai, Sunshine Market


Written on 11:12 PM by Penang Tua Pui

Penang Food, Hawker Food, Nasi Lemak
Somewhere along Sunshine Market food court, you will find this nasi lemak stall. It looks like typical economy rice until you step towards the stall to see and smell the nasi lemak fragrance.

The stall is located at the corner next to Market and the mosque. It is quite famous among the factory workers in Bayan Lepas and surroundings.

This nasi lemak stall, Seng Kim Hai Nasi lemak is just like ordinary economy rice except they served two types of rice, normal or nasi lemak.

Penang Food, Hawker Food, Nasi Lemak

Even the dishes look just like ordinary economy rice stalls but in addition, they have nasi lemak ingredients which you can choose from such as ikan bilis, , curry fish, fried egg, fried chicken and much more.

Penang Food, Hawker Food, Nasi Lemak

The wide selection of nasi lemak dishes to choose from can make you feel lost not knowing what to choose. But the favourite you should go for is the fried chicken which was fried together with curry leaves and it gives a crispy and slightly spicy taste.

Penang Food, Hawker Food, Nasi Lemak

On top of that, you can get assam soup from this stall free of charge. It is definitely a plus point to enjoy the soup, courtesy of the stall owner.

Penang Food, Hawker Food, Nasi Lemak

The plate of nasi lemak will cost your around RM2-4, depending on the dishes you take.


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  1. Jason |

    Wah, very nice! I sometimes also wish that they serve normal nasi cos can't always take the lemak nasi :P

    What am I talking about? Heheh..

  2. New Kid on the Blog |

    Never like to take Nasi Lemak, except when am preggy. Hormoen change, I guess?

  3. Huat Koay |

    Jason: I agree with you.. too much lemak not good for health..

    New Kid: ya. sometime hormone change did make you eat something u dun like at all.. weird right?

  4. durianberry |

    Hahaha nice blog you have here. Love the 3 little leng chai on your pics.. so cute! I like coming to this food court to eat at the banana leaf rice stall, but I shall take a look at this nasi lemak stall. Nothing like fragrant santan enhanced rice!

  5. little inbox |

    I like nasi lemak too. I visited this stall before quite some time ago during lunch break. Not bad. Just that the food court is a bit crowded.

  6. PenangTuaPui |

    durainberry: you may try it.. the banana leaf rice u mention is good too...

    still clearing out the photo and some write up... worth trying....

  7. PenangTuaPui |

    little inbox: ya.. it is a bit crowded..... but this nasi lemak is cheap and delicious, especially the chicken....

  8. JJSpace |

    that one good meh? always there but never got chance to get the nasi lemak... as seldom take heavy food for lunch...

  9. penangtuapui |

    one indication whether the food is nice or not is how large the crowd is .... you can't go wrong with the majority especially penang folks are so particular about food...

    if you haven't tried, go ahead and give it a shot.. you may like it or you may just say... "nah"!!

    anyway, my fav is still with sambal ikan bilis and fried chicken... yummieeeeeee

    tam ciak

  10. J2Kfm |

    yeah, they finished pretty fast during lunch time, leaving us with no choice but to go for the economy rice stall that's equally popular. I kind of like the cheap and generous portion Western food at the other end.

  11. yung . |

    This stall serves nice mango kerabu which is simply good! But you will have to be there early as it finishes normally before lunch time..

  12. penangtuapui |

    hi yung, never knew this place selling mango kerabu as well.. hmmm, i should try to be early next time to grab some!!

  13. email2me |

    The stall next to this nasi lemak is Lam Mee which is very nice too. But the lady seldom open except weekend due to lack of manpower helping her.

  14. EraneLim |

    Been to the one near Pulau Tikus market opposite Bandar Baru? It's stall or shop is actually one of the shop lot there. The taste of santan in the nasi lemak is delicious. Unlike the one you recommend, this has not much of variety.The dish is some cucumber, assam prawns and assam fried fish. Add the sambal and it's a perfecto!


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