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Written on 11:32 AM by Penang Tua Pui

Penang Food, Fish Steamboat, Pearl Palace, SP Setia, Penang RestaurantPenang Food, Fish Steamboat, Pearl Palace, SP Setia
This restaurant is located just 5 minutes away from Penang International Airport at Setia Pearl Island Country Club. It was previously known as Sea Palace Restaurant before being bought over by SP Setia, a major construction companies with few projects in Penang.

The environment will be quite calm and peaceful if it is not due to some constructions on going nearby. The restaurant is at the top of the hill away from congested traffic and bustling town activities. You can see the view of Bayan Lepas town from here and during night time, the scenery is pleasing.

Penang Food, Fish Steamboat, Pearl Palace, SP Setia
There is a unique dish that we had ordered is fish steamboat, the only place serving this type of steamboat as we know of.

It looks like typical steamboat that we ate during Chinese New Year with variations. The main difference is this steamboat has a lot of fish in it. Even the soup is also made of fish stock.

Penang Food, Fish Steamboat, Pearl Palace, SP Setia

The fish steamboat contains mainly slices (quite big) of garoupa (Grooper) fish both raw and fried, tofu and different types of vegetables was well. It also comes with a special sauce, looks like soy sauce with chilies, onions in it.
Penang Food, Fish Steamboat, Pearl Palace, SP Setia
Special Sauce
Penang Food, Fish Steamboat, Pearl Palace, SP Setia
We did enjoy the fish steamboat and its soup tasted sweet and flavoring partly due to fish bones being cooked for long time. We did not feel thirsty after having this meal, thus it is likely no MSG added too.

Pearl Palace Chinese Restaurant
Persiaran Kelicap,
11900, Bayan Lepas, Penang
Hunting Lines:
04-6449355, 6439888, 016-4696016


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Penang Food, Fish Steamboat, Pearl Palace, SP Setia
Penang Food, Fish Steamboat, Pearl Palace, SP Setia

Junction to turn right
Penang Food, Fish Steamboat, Pearl Palace, SP Setia
Road heading uphill
Penang Food, Fish Steamboat, Pearl Palace, SP Setia

Penang Food, Fish Steamboat, Pearl Palace, SP Setia

Other side dish
Penang Food, Fish Steamboat, Pearl Palace, SP Setia

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  1. JJSpace |

    never been there.... Heard from a fren before.. but never try... really good or not one?

    as we plan to have an farewell for one of our fren....

    hope he will like it...

  2. penangtuapui |

    hi jjspace

    do give it a try, maybe you like it.. anwway, it's something unique for fish steamboat...There is another at Jalan Raja Uda but I haven't tried that one yet.. heard this one has yam cooked together in the steamboat..

    tam ciak @ Penang Tua Pui

  3. FeiMui |

    looks like something interesting that never heard of...Thinkin of belanja my fren on her birthday...Any idea on the price????Belanja oso hav to budget ma...hehehe... =P

  4. Anonymous |

    Hi there,
    I visited few times, the quality of food served consistently, worth to try!- D-sha

  5. DanielYKL |

    should try the fish steamboat (with yam) at the restaurant in Raja Uda, Butterworth.

  6. PenangTuaPui |


    Thanks for the suggestion. We have a plan to go there but haven't finalized yet. Shall make a trip when we have the time :):)

  7. Anonymous |

    Similar fish steamboat is available at Goh Huat Seng at Kimberly Street, Penang. It's nice but quite costly if you are a big eater. :p

  8. HP - tiramisu79_00[a] |

    Finally after digging 7 post. Here you are.

    okok... this is my answer..

    1. Sah Tiau Lor
    2. Pearl Palace - of course
    3. Height a? - 501 - I like Levis...

    4. What I like? Food lor
    5. Improvement? Bring in more food lor

    Finally... phew~.. Toughest contest just to get RM40.. haih....

  9. Nicky - nicky.torti[a] |

    wah, got ppl faster than me lo... got to be fast d....
    Tua puis, see my answers below:-

    1. Sungai Dua Ah How Hokkien Mee
    2. Special sauce from Pearl Palace
    3. Heights of 3 Tua puis - 520cm
    4. What i like?? - Interesting postings and wordings + nice photos..Descriptions on the food itself enough to drive readers crazy for food n HUNGRY!!!
    5. Improvement? - Maybe try to add more variety of food, such as Italian, Swiss, Mexican or even Malay, Indian, Nyonya etc.... so that the readers have more choices to go??

  10. allenooi |

    wow, so fast got 2 ppl commented already!!! I also cannot wait until i go home, so i search for the post and leave the comment now in the office. shhh......

    ok here's the answer:

    1. Sungai Dua - Ah How.

    2. Special Sauce. Pearl Palace Restaurant

    3. Hmmm, this is hard to guess.... i guess 518. mm yatt fatt. hahaha.

    4. I like those food recommended by Penang Tua Pui. From the psot, you can see that they are really good in food critic. The words and phrases they used are easy to understand and creative sometimes. Photos are awesome all the time. Besides, there will be a map on the post to guide you go to the place they recommended. They also replied all the comments visitors left. And you know what? Penang Tua Pui are so famous until I received forwarded email with the title Penang Food with all the photos captured from Penang Tua Pui's blog. It's amazing huh!! I hope my Yummy Station can reach that level one day. So hor, Penang Tua Pui, 3 of you must guide me and support me ya. oppps, a bit out of topic. nvm la, the important thing is, i like your blog!!! oh, forgot to mention, i also like the new character on the contest page, the one with the lollipop on his hand. his hair is so yeng! (is a he or she btw??)

    5. I hope to see more and more food post coming up, of course. I hope Penang Tua Pui can introduce local kuih to all of us, like kuih talam, huat koay, cai kuih, and etc. for the category, maybe to have more besides hawker food, restaurant and dessert. it will ease the user to search for the food post. oh, one more important thing that you need to improve, LINK ME to your blogroll! Hahahaha. :)

    Phew..... Done..... Hooray.....

  11. Gloria - ametrine79[a] |

    ops... i found one... hmm.. here is my guess

    1. Perak Road Hokkien Mee
    2. Special Sauce. Pearl Palace Restaurant lor..
    3. 511 cincai la.. who cares.. as long as i win

    4. What I like about this blog? hmm... interesting, I should day I hate to come here as I am on diet - hubby already complain about my belly ..:(, but still I cant hold myself from coming back again,again and again for food, especially the food photo, make me drooling and cant control from hunting the food. You are so evil.... :c

    5. I am thinking of increase the varieties, give more voucher to readers, have more interaction between you and us, add in menu for the restaurant, increase you territory to mainland, balik pulau, air itam.. and many more....

    What else... any Q6? ooooo finish liao..

    Although is a bit lengthy, much more better than think of slogan la.. this la that la...

    Hope I can win

  12. PenangGinNa |

    hin... si gin na.... choi kar wa pua si.... hin..

    1. Sungai Dua - Ah How.
    2. Special Sauce. Pearl Palace Restaurant
    3. 522 kua...
    4. emm cai wor.. tapi hor.. tat tat tao lai ci peng eh si... cin cia song lor... bor lui ciak.. kua pun eh sai liao... peh peh penang lang.... sure will support one

    5. eh cho hami? wa beh hiao wor.. tapi hor.. loading cin cia ban.. nasi eh download ko kar meh jiu hor la...

    haiyo.. pak ka qiu suuui liao....

  13. allenooi |

    opps.... i forgot my email address.

  14. Janice - janice82[a] |

    ok, i think it is my turn now.

    1. definitely Bawasah Road
    2. Special Sauce. Pearl Palace Restaurant
    3. 519 la...

    4. Love it for no reason - real love
    5. Pic loading, variety, feedback form, tour guide,......

  15. Wen - stacywen_88[a] |

    Nothing to do.. so saja kacao... never expect to find the photo.. lolx

    1. Perak Road Hokkien Mee
    2. Special Sauce. Pearl Palace Restaurant
    3. 521cm
    4. I love the 3 avatar, informative recommendation, useful map... etc

    4. Improvement needed on the photo loading, increase variety of food, get more give away..


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