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Written on 12:59 AM by Penang Tua Pui

Penang Food, Laksa, Hawker FoodPenang Food, Laksa, Hawker Food

Peng Hwa Laksa is located at Taman Emas Kopitiam which is opposite Penang Chinese Girls High School at Gottlieb Road. This stall is famous mainly with students and working adults within nearby areas.
Penang Food, Laksa, Hawker Food
The laksa served here has fish broth which is quite thick, full of flavors and coupled with the heh ko to make it a nice dish of asam laksa. The stall also sells fried popiah which you can dip into the soup after you have finished the noodles.

The salty taste of popiah combined with spicy and sour flavor of laksa make the popiah a delicious add on to this assam laksa.
Penang Food, Laksa, Hawker Food

This stall, besides selling laksa and popiah, does offer chai koay too as additional add on to the range of dishes sold. You can choose to have either the mangkuang or kuchai chai koay. They will normally be cut into halves and to be eaten with chili sauce.

Penang Food, Laksa, Hawker Food
The laksa cost RM2.50 per bowl.


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Penang Food, Laksa, Hawker Food
Penang Food, Laksa, Hawker Food

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  1. Criz Lai |

    Hmm... this stall not bad too but I prefer the other one opposite Pulau Tikus Police Station (Sin Kang Coffee Shop - corner shop). The stall serve Assam Lemak Laksa (Thai style).. damn good.

    The one directly opposite (Famous CKT stall) also has a short auntie selling laksa. It used to be good but now ingredients lesser now. That's what happen in Penang when one get famous.. LOL.

    I want to try new curry mee stall. Any good one in town other than the Weld Quay Tua Pui Curry Mee (not you right? :P), Chulia Street or the Lorong Seratus Tahun ones.

  2. JJSpace |

    I think that laksa is so so nia.. I prefer lemak laksa.. yum yum...

  3. wonderful life |

    Besides Air Hitam(Kek Lok Si) laksa, there's another Laksa hawker stall near the round about going to Penang Hill. It's a hawker stall at the roadside with few other hawker stalls selling duck meat koay teow th'ng(quite good), indian mee goreng & sugar cane juice.

    Another famous laksa is located at an old coffee shop in Georgetown(Penang Rd) where by the famous cendol is there too.

  4. penangtuapui |

    wonderful life...

    we've tried both air hitam and penang road one but not the one near Penang Hill yet.. we'll make a trip there one day..

    thanks for the recommendations!


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