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Written on 12:28 AM by Penang Tua Pui

Penang Food, Hawker Food, Pan Min, Pan Mee, Greenlane
Fei Fei told us this Pan Mee stall is quite popular within this area, especially among the students of nearby secondary school.

So today we took the opportunity to patron this stall while on the way to visit our friend who has just given birth. I was told the chicken rice at this kopitiam is also nice but we did not try it out.

Penang Food, Hawker Food, Pan Min, Pan Mee, Greenlane Penang Food, Hawker Food, Pan Min, Pan Mee, Greenlane

Fei Fei and Huat Koay ordered large one while I chose to settle with regular one. The pan mee is individually cooked, unlike the one at Bukit Jambul.

Penang Food, Hawker Food, Pan Min, Pan Mee, Greenlane
The noodles are hand made which the dough will be rolled repeatedly using the pan mee maker and flour is sprinkled onto the dough occasionally to maintain its softness. Once the required thickness is obtained, the dough is peeled into small pieces before cooked on boiling water.

The soup based pan mee is clear but has quite strong flavor, likely to have a lot of MSG added to the soup. The pan mee is also quite smooth and soft but if you happen to get the edge portions, it can be quite thick and lumpy as what Huat Koay got. In fact, he regretted ordering the large size pan me.. Haha.

Penang Food, Hawker Food, Pan Min, Pan Mee, Greenlane

You get some anchovies, shredded mushrooms, minced meat and leaves but there is not many ingredients after all… the main portion of noodles will be quite generous but not other ingredients

The stall is open daily from 7am till 2pm. Each large bowl cost RM3.00 while the regular one is RM2.50. Additional RM0.50 if you request to have egg added.


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  1. Criz Lai |

    I had found the best Pan Mee stall after months of checking through all the stalls in Penang. Unfortunately, I only get to try out for two months as the lady owner has migrated to Canada... sob~ sob~

    Psss... the stall used to be in Good All Cafe opposite Peng Hwa Secondary School. Too bad... even the famous Bukit Jambul one cannot beat this.

    P/s: I was darn sick for two weeks and lost a lot in weight. You can see lots of updates now as I'm trying to gain back a lot soon... haha :P

  2. alexander |

    This looks really good! Yummy.

    Alex's World! -

  3. durianberry |

    This kopitiam used to have a stall that sells imitation shark's fin noodle. Very eggy and delicious. Now no more ady :(

  4. Jason |

    I like pan mee with egg added but prefer the long strips rather than hand torn version.

  5. penangtuapui |

    durianberry - what's that shark's fin noodle you referring to? Is it fake shark's fin soup with noodle or is it something like mee suah kor?

    -tam ciak-

  6. penangtuapui |

    criz lai - too bad lar, since the best pan mee no longer selling, which is the next best pan mee that you have come across?

    Maybe you can share and three of us can go to try it out too... or do readers know where is the best pan mee?

    hmmm... sick till lost weight, gotta be something severe huh? Nvm, hope all the sickness is gone and it's time to fill up your tummy with yummie food again. In no time, you'll get back to original weight... heheh

    -tam ciak-

  7. Benny |

    i dun like pan mee so much as it taste lots like flour soup...

    as in order to maintain the `q-ness` on the noddle.... need to add in more flour and when it cook all the flour is in the soup... yaks...

  8. GE Tan |

    I patronise this kopitaim every time I'm back in Penang. Never tasted the Pan Mee (not a fan la) but the fried koay teow is excellent - better than the highly touted ones at Lorong Selamat or even the Sisters'- these, to my tastebuds are only OK.

  9. Sheryl |

    Hi hi, got to know your blog from The5XMom :-)

    Surprised to find this kopitiam in your post. I always go there for a quick breakfast after church because it is nearby and convenient. Will go for the Western Breakfast set (the stall behind the pan mee) because it is fast but I will pick a table near the pan mee because I like to watch them make the noodles.


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