Penang Food: Pulau Tikus Duck Rice (non-halal)


Written on 11:59 AM by Penang Tua Pui

Penang Food, Duck Rice, Pulau Tikus, Sin Kong Chiew
Once in a while we have a crazy idea to drive from one end of Penang island to another end just to have our lunch.

Yes, Penang Tua Pui always have the urge to go the places for lunch regardless of places as long as it does satisfy our appetites.

Today, it’s not just the Penang Tua Puisss (3 s for 3 fatties :P) only but also with Pregnant Mama who have strong craving for duck rice especially this Pulau Tikus one.

How could we refuse such a request….?? It’s a win-win situation, isn’t it? 

Penang Food, Duck Rice, Pulau Tikus, Sin Kong Chiew, Hawker Food

This Pulau Tikus duck rice or Sin Kong Chiew Hong Kong Style Roasted is at Kedai Kopi Kristal Seafood. This shop is at the junction of Burmah Road and Burmah Lane (Burmah Lane is where Thai and Burmese Temples are located).

The roasted duck here doesn’t taste oily and the skin is quite crunchy too. Probably the roasting style used have melted the fat underneath the skin, thus you don’t get much fat left. The meat is also rather tender and easy to chew.

Penang Food, Duck Rice, Pulau Tikus, Sin Kong Chiew, Hawker Food

Besides roasted duck, we ordered BBQ pork and roasted pork as well. We believed both the bbq and roasted duck used similar roasting style that gives those meat its juiciness and tenderness but the skin of roasted pork is more crunchy, perhaps due to longer duration of roasting.

There is also a variety of soups you can order and vegetables like beans sprout and “iu chai” as well. The price on average is about RM8 per person, depending on how much dishes you ordered. For us, we ordered “sah bee” (3 tastes), soup and vegetables.

Penang Food, Duck Rice, Pulau Tikus, Sin Kong Chiew, Hawker Food

Penang Food, Duck Rice, Pulau Tikus, Sin Kong Chiew, Hawker Food

Boss in Action
Penang Food, Duck Rice, Pulau Tikus, Sin Kong Chiew, Hawker Food


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  1. CK Lam |

    Passed by this place often but haven't tasted the duck rice yet.

    Since all of you are duck lovers, I would like to recommend to you tasty restaurant which I often visit for nice siu mei(烧味) at

  2. Brady |

    duck rice.. I prefer Lunas one... taste much more better compare with Penang Island one...

    This one never try before, i won't put high expectation on this as well...

    hope u all can make me change my mindset... thanks for the sharing...

  3. SS |

    cklam: that shop is so so nia la... to me la...:P

    I like the soup they serve in this shop..... especially the old cucumber.....

  4. Criz Lai |

    This duck rice is quite nice as the 3 brothers have been selling along that stretch for many years. The pricing there at times can be quite expensive for the amount paid. A takeaway box with barely 5pcs of duck meat can cost up to RM4.50 (still cheap if compared to KL :P)

    There is another one at the junction of Lebuh Carnavon/Lebuh Hong Kong which serve a bigger portion of duck meat for the same price. (I bought a RM4 with extra rice pack before and I felt like I'm a pig with the amount.. haha) The taste between these two are totally different.

    With endless of crowds gathering around this stall, I guessed it should be one of the good ones around town too. Try it out and tell me what you think of this stall :)


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